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Mountain Cabin

Non Fungible Boomer

Knowledge from experience, wisdom from reflection.


It's never too late to change.

Knowledge is gained from experience and wisdom from reflection. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of experience and deep reflection to understand that it's never too late to be all that you want or were always meant to be.


Live a successful and fulfilling life by being true to yourself and embrace authenticity where the opinions and expectation of others can not define you or set your path. Have the strength, wisdom and tenacity to fully define who you want to be, give yourself a purpose and work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

We are building exclusive communities for independent like minded individuals to share our collective knowledge, unique life experiences and wisdom. The communities are designed to provide a platform and support structure to achieve our goals. The communities will help you to make a positive contribution and do your work efficiently by leveraging the knowledge, experience and wisdom of others.

Join our community

Our community is accessed using a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Ownership of the membership NFT grants you access to the Discord community and  exclusive private channels.

Coming Soon!

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